Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bacon Squared

I think my love of bacon has been pretty well-documented on here. In fact, I love it so much I think it's pretty well-documented everywhere. And, as if to prove my point, and also to show that my friends are freakin' awesome, I got two emails today about two strikingly similar bacon rolls, one of which may be viewed here (the other contains sausage as well as cheese and is covered in BBQ sauce...yum). On a cold day like this one, it warms my heart to know that two people saw woven bacon and thought "hmm, I think Liza would like this. I'll send it to her." It's even better than getting flowers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cooking up a...Huh?

Per usual (at least lately), I have not a damn thing interesting to report. However, I did find this amusing - there's a cookbook that I want, called "Cooking Up A Storm." It's a collection of recipes submitted to the Times Pic in New Orleans after the storm. Anyway, I went to the website today and as I was reading the description, the web page's sidebar caught my eye. Apparently, the three books also purchased by customers who bought "Cooking Up A Storm" are:

What's Your Poo Telling You? Only $9.95 for the hardcover! A bargain, if you ask me.

Poo Log. Another bargain at $9.95. Apparently you can learn a lot about shit for under $10. Plus, the description is amazing. See, it's actually a journal of sorts - "for recording and studying the wondrous uniqueness of each bowel movement." It also comes as a calendar, if you're so inclined.

The Castaway Pirates, A Pop-Up Tale of Bad Luck, Sharp Teeth, and Stinky Toes.

Anyone else confused? I could understand if the list had included books about New Orleans, cooking, the Gulf Coast, Katrina...but bathroom factoids and stinky toes? It's a mystery.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jingle Hell

Welcome back my darlings. The holidays are over (thank Jeebus) and I've officially relocated myself from Pittsburgh to D.C., at least temporarily. Or, not actually D.C., but my own little slice of suburbia a short metro ride from the city. Normally I'd be badmouthing the suburbs, but quite honestly I'm sort of enjoying myself. See, right here are all of the things that I kept having to drive myself out to suburbia for while living in Pittsburgh, so I'm feeling like right now it's saving me time. Of course, I'm still going to end up a panicky mess every time that I try to drive into the city and inevitably end up hopelessly lost, but we all have to make these trade offs every once in a while.

So, you may wonder why I have thanked the tiny baby Jeebus that the holidays are over, because usually I like them and sit around staring fondly at my Christmas tree and wishing it could be Christmas at least once a month. Or maybe you're not wondering, but I'm going to tell you anyway. For one thing, I have a big family. It was big when it was one cohesive unit, but now that it's split into step-units, it's even bigger. And while I love my family and enjoy spending time with them, after about six days of going to at least two homes per day, I felt like a cranky human pinball, because there are only so many ways to sound optimistic about not having a job and by about day 3 I was ready to scream "I don't wanna talk about it!" as soon as I walked in just to get the discussion out of the way. Then my New Year's eve ended with my car getting into a fight with a large concrete lamppost. I'm sure you can guess who won, although I can at least report that there was no alcohol involved and neither boyfriend nor I were injured, so that's a plus. There's other miscellaneous crap too, which is made all the more obnoxious by the fact that my resolution was to try to stop being so stressed out all of the time and acting like a spaz. Anyway, the short version is that I'm glad to see the back of Stressmas and it's ilk, and a year should be just the right amount of time for me to warm back up to the holiday season and find a job to tell all of my relatives about. Hopefully.

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