Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shameful Confession Thursday

I have a shameful confession to make (only one of many, trust me): Even though I totally hate you on sight if you drive a Hummer (because honestly, who needs a suburban assault vehicle), I totally want a Range Rover. Not that I'd ever buy one, gas guzzling overpriced beasts that they are, but I just feel like I'd look totally pimpin' in a car like that.

Stay tuned for another shameful confession next Thursday. I figure since I'm boring now I might as well air all my dirty laundry for my loyal readers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liza + Floor Furnace = Disaster

I believe I've posted before about how floor furnaces look to be inherently dangerous. But then I was mostly talking about how a flame under my dusty, hundred-year-old hardwood floors just seemed like a bad idea. And I know I've posted numerous times about how damn clumsy I am, usually involving spilling some highly colored beverage all over a hard to clean area of my house. Well apparently, my clumsiness + the inherently dangerous floor furnace is a volatile combination. See, here we have said floor furnace:

See that metal rim all around it? Yep, I tripped over it. And fell, hard. And it got caught on my big toe and ripped most of the skin off of the bottom of it. Gross, right? Oh yes, yes it was. And I'm not even all that squeamish. Normal people probably would have walked right over it with no problem, but I ended up with this (don't worry, it's not gross):

How does one accomplish this? Well, if one happens to have the motor skills of a five-year-old, it's surprisingly easy. You just try to walk, and things get in your way. If my foot hadn't hurt so damn bad I probably would have kicked the hell out of my floor furnace, but knowing me that would have resulted in greater injury. The kicker is that I was having a really good day. I was a model of efficiency. And I'm now up to 2.5 miles a day, but I'm guessing that this is going to put a damper on that as well. Stupid shoddy heating devices. That settles it. As soon as my foot feels better I'm going to kick the furnace. Let's just hope I don't sprain my foot like that time I kicked the kitchen cabinet for hurting me.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Don't Let the Lights Go Out!

Okay people, here's the deal. Tonight is the last pre-strike episode of Friday Night Lights, and it may be their last ever. The show was originally supposed to have 22 full episodes this season, but it hasn't been decided whether it will come back after the strike ends, and the prognosis for a third season is even worse. When asked about the show's future, Ben Silverman, NBC's entertainment head, blatantly told his Radar magazine interviewer to start watching 30 Rock instead. 30 Rock is undoubtedly a great show, but FNL deserves another season! And I'll cry if I have to stop watching Tim Riggins waste his potential every week. Seriously, I will. So, here's what you should do. Watch the show tonight. It's on NBC (Channel 7 for Cox Cable NOLA), at 8:00 p.m. Also, sign the petition to keep it alive. It's what Riggins would do.

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