Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Home

So, I moved. A little while ago actually, with some stops and starts, but there is a new home for Liza. Although, my display name isn't Liza anymore, it's Azriella, which I may explain eventually or may just change back to the way it was. Anyway...I was a little hesitant to post said new home for a while because I was all convinced I might not be able to write honestly, but it turns out I can, and it also turns out that I don't really write anything that's all that different from what I write here. So, I am the same old Liza, but I have a new, possibly soon-to-be-changing name, and a new blog with a new pretty girl at the top, and I can now be found at Midnight at the Glamour Show. See y'all there, I hope.


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